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Parent teacher interactive software

Our school software can make possible parent teacher interaction. We provide you with the best School software in Kerala, Cochin, India.

Time is very precious. We help know how your kid is making progress in their schools. It is made possible through our Parent teachers' interactive software. It has an interactive interface that helps both parents and teachers to communicate with each other. Easier interaction with the parents and teachers can be made possible through this School software..

Let time and distance be no longer a factor when it comes to your child's future.

This parent teacher interactive software will contain details of students including the performance of the students,

marks; mark lists etc. which will be given directly to parents.
If parents need to talk to the teachers then this school software can be made use of.

SMS alerts are also be integrated into the system of our parent teachers interactive software tool.

Use our Parent teachers' interactive software; it can help you parents' know what is the progress that your child is making in school. We provide you with the most presentable and useful school software available in Kerala, Cochin, India..