customer Care Chat
Need to chat with your customers regarding your products and services? You can reach out to the visitors who are coming to your site through our effective chat process. All those who wish to get assistance can approach you through the chat system. You can make possible better customer satisfaction. This Customer Care Chat Pro is effective for small business with low site traffic and agent resources. For bigger organizations, with lot of helpdesk service providers and customers needing service, we have the CCC Enterprise and CCC Premium Chat services.

On clicking the chat option you get to chat with your clients. You can get to invite people for chatting. You will also get alerts from those who are waiting in the queue to get access to your services. Those who want to get service from you can be easily worked out through the online chat service. All those who are browsing through your website, you get to chat with them.

Online sales can be improved. You get to make possible better customer service. It helps to optimize your marketing campaigns. Sales can be increased by up to 20%. 80% of customer satisfaction can be ensured. Profit levels can get to increase to greater levels. For small businesses, the CCC Pro service can be the most effective.

Customers using this service get an increase in online sales. There would also be a reduction in the cost of service. More and more people would approach you for business..

Real time monitoring of visitors and the approach of the best and cream layer clients can be made possible through our service. Top and valuable customers can be contacted through live chats. Better live chat interaction can be ensured. Thus it helps in getting effective results on both the side of the organization and the customers’ side.