Attendance Software
SmartHR4u software is an employee time and attendance tracking and payroll software system designed to replace punch clocks,time cards,book sign in/out processes and hours spent calculating employees working hours and pay. The attendance of each employee can be tracked by managers on their own computer.


Attendance marking ( staff logs in/out by clicking their photograph)
Late marking.
Leave application.
Automatic salary calculation.
Employee details
Department details
Shift master


Saves Time: SmartHR4u employee time and attendance tracking software system generates worked hours and pay reports instantly. Managers no longer need to spend hours manually going through paper time cards to consolidate employee worked hours and calculate their pay.

• Managers can generate attendance reports conveniently on their computer.

• Saves Money: SmartHR4u software helps you save money by ensuring that your employee is not overpaid. By accurately tracking employee reporting times and log off times, exact employee pay can be generated

• This software can run on your existing Windows 2000, XP or Vista computers. You do not have to purchase additional hardware.

• With its built-in accounting payroll and approved leave support, small companies may not need to buy additional accounting payroll and leave tracking software.

Easy to Setup: It takes less than 1 minute to install this software...and another few minutes more to configure them and the solution is all ready to use.

• Easy to Use: Like all other products, we spent much time in making sure that the software is very easy to learn and use by the administrator, managers and employees.

• Standalone or multiple distributed time clock software system: You can setup employee time and attendance tracking software system on one single computer or on multiple computers in your network.

• Instantly track employee time and attendance: Department heads and supervisors can use this software to monitor employee time, attendance and punctuality.

• Prevent Buddy Punching: One main problem of punching systems is that of buddy punch, i.e. manipulation of the punching system

SmartHR4u software logging in/out is done by using a webcam to capture a photo of the employee. The administrator can then perform random checks to see if the photo matches the employee.

• Built-in Accounting Payroll Functions: Employee time and attendance tracking software system comes integrated with simple yet comprehensive employee accounting payroll functions. For small companies, they may not need separate accounting payroll software to generate employee pay reports.

• Built-in Leave Records: Approved employee leave (paid and unpaid leave) can be recorded in this software. Here the reports will take into account of employee leave.
Please note that this software can be further customized as per your requirements.